The Holidays and Black Friday

As Thanksgiving winds down and the Christmas season is upon us, ads swarm our televisions and newspapers for products for sale.  People  must start their christmas shopping.  The biggest day of shopping by far is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  So famous it has a name: black Friday.  Sales companies live for this day.  They advertise special deals that only occur on this particular day and open their doors around 4 in the morning.  The people have a need: a need for Christmas present or good deals on stuff and these stores fulfill these needs.  Is it ok for this day to be so ruthless though.  People have known to get killed by being trampled to death in the swarms of people rushing into stores.  The stores have every right to have these sales, but is it ok that people are being killed by all the madness?  There a two rhetorical situations here that I would  like to bring up.   First, that of people wanting good deals, but this situation is resolved by the stores providing this to the customers.  The second, is the situation that we need to be aware of this ominous Black Friday.   Black Friday has become a tradition in America, but is it a good tradition?  It is the holiday season, people should not be fighting over the best priced flat screen.  What happened to spending the holidays with family and being thankful for what they have and not about the best deals they can get on objects?

Lauren Pipkin


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  1. John Arthos on

    agreed. Chris Hedges has a great book on this — The Empire of Illusions. you should check it out (but maybe check it out at the library instead of buying at Barnes & Noble!)

  2. kws221 on

    I can see where you derive your concern over the deals provided on Black Friday; people dying is never acceptable. However, I don’t think that this tradition should be abolished. The economic incentives that are provided on this day are simply there because this particular day already has the most shoppers. The deals are the companies’ way of attracting these holiday shoppers into their stores for business, and are designed to make the holidays more affordable so that more people can experience the joy that comes with the season. Any kind of death on this day is merely the result of the crowded stores that would be crowded regardless of the sales.

  3. samuele40 on

    For people like me. Going out on black friday seems absolutely awful. It would take a herd of camels tied to my leg to get me out to the mall the day after new years. I might be trampled to death, the lines will be hours long, its going to be packed stressful crowded and awful. If they want to get people like me to come out on black friday they should be addressing how to make things less stressful and then acting upon that and advertising accordingly. Failed response.

  4. jdavis0136 on

    Black friday is a beautifully grotesques american tradition. People plan their month around this one day. However, though it is a mindless display of contemporary consumerism and greed as long as people continue to support it it will survive. It helps our economy and helps some people afford certain things they couldn’t have normally. As far as people dying; one freak death is not going to stop the tradition. We drive and fly in airplanes and those result in more deaths than black friday. The tradition is twisted and american. but as long as we continue to support it through shopping it will remain.

  5. antonio16brown on

    In our capitalistic country today, the idea of consumerism is a social and economic order that is based on the systematic creation and fostering of a desire to purchase goods in even greater amounts. Major retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and a host of other chains, aren’t really worried about how Black Friday could affect the consumer. Most people view Black Friday as a service being done for them by these stores. This is certainly a generalization. One of the major reasons behind Black Friday is to “get rid” of the mid- season merchandise, before the Christmas shipments arrive. Although Black Friday, is beneficial to both the consumer and the retailer; it’s also as you stated extremely dangerous. If stores took better measures at regulating the entrance of costumers, lives could have been saved.

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