An Unusual Climate Change Idea.


This talk is persuades people to look at the possibility of using a father unusual technique to stop the disastrous. The technique in question is using shooting sulfur into our atmosphere in order to cool the earth. Although this seems like a crazy idea. The speaker in this talk supports his idea with grounded scientific evidence that it will work and also uses a good smattering of graphs and statistics to demonstrate the veracity of his claims. I think that his use of graphs was very good. They helped to illustrate his point without distracting from his overall speech. The graphs were both informational and established his credibility. Another aspect of this speech that I though was especially good was that he addresses many of the opposing arguments to his plan as well as the possible problems and pitfalls that could come from atmospheric particle induced climate control. He not only talks about the immediate arguments and problems but delves into what this kind of technology could mean for our future and global politics. His argument is extremely clear and he comes across as a highly credible source. Also, the delivery of the speech included a good amount of humor, excellent and well placed pauses as well as clear annunciation and speaking volume.


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  1. pipkin6320 on

    He does indeed use lots of graphs and visual aids. Although we talked about in class about how this can harm your speech, they do not harm his. Why is this? This could be due to the fact when he presents an image he discusses it right away and doesn’t allow his audience to decipher it. He goes through the whole graph/image with the audience explaining every aspect and detail so that the audience doesn’t have to question it for themselves. While he keeps on talking with the image up, he speaks about information related to the image. Hence, having lots of images or graphs does not always harm a speech, it could even enhance a speech if done correctly like David Keith.

    Lauren Pipkin

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