Great War Veteran Speech

I came across this speech by a war veteran named Miky Prysner and I thought that it was interesting enough to write about in a blog post. This is because unlike most veteran speeches that talk about how the efforts abroad are for the best and the government is doing everything they can to bring peace to the world, Prysner has an entirely different stance on the subject and boldly calls for the U.S. to look inward for our problems than to go abroad and kill innocent people. Here is his speech:

This speech is very interesting because, as I mentioned above, it is a criticism of the way America has been handling its business in foreign affairs and boldly claims that the U.S. could provide a better world if we started with fixing ourselves. I must admit that I am a huge supporter of the Army, ROTC, Marines, Navy, and everyone out there that is preserving my freedom and I believe that we as a country have a great need for so many heros because there are a lot of evil people out there who would love nothing more than to knock the US off of the map.

However, the way that Mike delivers this speech makes me believe him and sympathize with him. He makes the claim that wealthy and powerful Americans are the ones who are behind a lot of the wars, and these powerful people are sending America’s poor to go and kill the poor in other countries. While that is a drastic claim, the words that he uses to describe his feelings effectively invoke my emotions, and I feel angry towards the way that that American political system does things. Is it possible that the root of much of the turmoil in the world stems from our own actions as a country? Or does Mike have it all wrong, and the American government is taking the correct action?

Regardless, Mike Prysner took the time to write a very impressive speech, and further took the time to practice it and deliver it to a large public with a lot of emotion and sincerity. His speech has effectively become popular on youtube and has stirred up a lot of comments from people who sing his praise. His speech embodies courage, truth, and the desire for a better world, and for that, Mike should be applauded.

Kevin Schneider


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  1. samuele40 on

    This is definitely an interesting post. The speakers credibility comes from his status as an American Combat veteran. The fact that he uses his own experiences of war, and even admits to some things that he did that he feels was wrong, really supports his anti-war message. The imagery in this video really helped to support his argument and heighten the emotional effect of his speech. I wonder if it would have changed my perception of the speech if these images were not included in the video. This speech really goes to show how speaking from personal experience will do amazing things to strengthen your argument. Imagine if this speech had been given by someone who was a total stranger to combat. They may have made the same point, and made it well, but it still wouldn’t have carried the same weight as someone speaking from direct and intense experience.

  2. jdavis0136 on

    This is a very interesting and impressive speech. When you show and feel emotion and can really stand behind your argument your image improves dramatically. The soldier takes a very daring stand. The two important parts of his speech are: 1. the delivery is believable, emotional and energetically charged (though the music in the background and the images definitely assisted with the experience) 2. The speech it self is well written. There is excellent organization. Throughout the speech there is a build up. One way the soldier created this intense pulse was through shortening his sentences as he neared the end of his speech. I am happy that I was able to view this video because of the message as well as the mature and skilled writing style and delivery.

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