Teach every child about food

Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chief that is on a mission to start a food revolution in England and the United States and eventually, hopefully, world wide.  His goal is to our children how to eat healthy inexpensive foods.  I was extremely impressed with his presentation.  He took many of the themes we were taught in class and put them together to build a emotional, moving, well-rounded, persuasive speech.  He had visual aids, excellent statistics (but not to many), and he showed a range of emotions.  He was funny, but not to the point of taking away from his message.  He was well organized, well practiced and hardly used his notes.  This is a very impressive speech.  The topic is children and he presents is speech in a way that children could comprehend as well as the adults in the audience.  This is one of the best speeches I have ever seen.  The only real area one could take issue with is the end.  Jamie is a little slow presenting his closing statement (and in this particular case “his wish”), but because of the type of speech Jamie gave his closing isn’t that out of place.  Normally an ending like this would have really hurt a speech, but in this case it did not.


Julian D.


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  1. julie1990 on

    I agree, this is a very well crafted speech! So many good rhetorical tactics. What an attention grabber -by the end if the 18 minute speech, 4 Americans will be dead because of the food they eat. He also involves the audience by asking who has kids, encouraging people to think about their families (their children and their parents) before he discusses the relationship between life expectancy across generations.
    One major problem that I had with his presentation, something that bothers me in classes on a daily basis, was his propensity to look at the screen while addressing the audience. It was particularly accentuated due to the fact that his screen was so high above his head, but the point is still there.
    A couple comments really stuck out to me -the first was the assertion that each student should learn how to cook 10 recipes by the time they graduate from high school. The second was the claim that if one person teaches three people a recipe, and each of those people teach three people that recipe, then this only needs to happen 25 times for the whole country to learn it. He presents the solutions to this problem as so easy that it’s unavoidable and staring us in the face.
    With regards to the way that he closed the speech, I don’t agree that the timing was off. I think that it is appropriate to slow down at the end and really drive the point home. What I think he did wrong was something that we addressed in class -a speaker should always have the first and last lines of their speech memorized.

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