Blogging as Public Address

In reflecting on blogging as a form of public address, I think it is a cool and interesting phenomenon. Blogs are something that people can use to address the public about anything they want, whenever they want. I have a few friends who have their own blogs, and I read their blogs on a regular basis. Some of them are themed, for example one of my friends writes about her baking experiments. Most of my friends write about whatever they want, they post pictures, videos, quotes, etc. What I like about blogs is that they completely optional on all fronts. The bloggers can blog truly at any time, and readers can choose to read it at any time as well. Anyone can choose to post or read what he or she wants to or what he or she doesn’t want to. Bloggers are creating their own rhetorical situation. They can invite people to be their audience, and their blog is the occasion. The audience can turn a blog into anything, and I think the most interesting blogs are ones that have a purpose. For example, a friend of mine is in Spain this year and she is keeping a blog on her travels. This is a perfect way to share her experiences with all of her friends and family. There are a lot of blogs about food, sharing recipes, etc. Another friend of mine has a blog called, “Story time,” where she reviews books she’s read. In my opinion, these are the most effective blogs in addressing a rhetorical situation. These blogs provide individuals with a way to share their hobbies; a purpose for doing what they do, and that to me makes a good use of a blog.

-Sarah Ritchey



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  1. brownk19 on

    I tend to agree that blogs are a very good form of public address. I know a lot of my friends have blogs and most of them I visit on a weekly basis. They are anywhere from their day to day activities or as interesting a movie reviews.

    Blogs have the potential to capture any type of audience and deliver any type of message the blogger decides. Blogs are free to address any rhetorical situation and give people the option to speak out on something they might not want to do if in front of an audience.

    Blogs provide an outlit for people to deliver a power message and or deliver entertainment. They help to express the way one feels about worldly issues and or as daily hobbies or recipes. Overall, they are easy ways people can connect and relate to one another.

  2. cihuber on

    I agree that blogs are an effective form of public address. Their importance is increasing rapidly as the topics they cover begin to widen. They cover everything from politics to pop culture. Bloggers are becoming the new ‘journalists’, as online forums are become the new newspapers.
    As a culture, we must adapt to accepting the internet, specifically blogging, as a true form of public address. In doing so, there will be new standards and new techniques in getting your message across. It has new implications about the way in which people embrace the rhetorical situation – Allowing for a new audience and, without a doubt, giving new constraints.

    Carly Huber

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