Strong voice in a commercial

I cannot say that I’ve ever been in a truck, I have no need or want for a truck, but when thinking about commercials that had a speaker with great voice and general ability for speaking this commercial is exactly what came to mind. The actor in the commercial does not just advertise some product, he uses a basic public speaking tool: delivery, to successfully gain the attention of his audience.
The verbal delivery of this speaker is excellent. When considering the time frame of the commercial, the pace with which he is speaking is quick and loud enough to gain the attention of the audience during a 30 second period. In terms of non verbal delivery, close attention is payed to the position with reference to the objects to which he is referring. The gesture with his hands are not distracting but inviting which is good for establishing need. Also, the emotions portrayed on the face of the actor are non verbally significant.

Overall this is a great delivery, but as it is a commercial there are other issues to address.

The commercial follows Monroe’s Motivated sequence but it a succinct and direct fashion which appeals to the audience, unlike the organization and audience of an infomercial. A need is established (as part of the attention getter) the solution is to buy the truck, sensory is appealed to with displaying of the objects and the call to action is explored in the request to go to the Ford dealer.

Jen Phillips


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  1. jakubowskic on

    I agree with Jen that delivery plays a really large role in the effectiveness of a speech, particularly one in which you are trying to convince someone to buy something you are advocating for. Quick and to the point sentences are definitely a large part of effective speaking. You are given a certain time frame and you need to use your time wisely, giving vocal and tonal variety when appropriate. Adding hand gestures and other nonverbal gestures adds to the content of the speech and shows an emotive expression by the speaker; this is presented well here where it is effective and not distractive. Monroe’s motivated sequence is present in this commercial as Jen mentions and I like how the call to action keeps the viewer in charge, meaning, you don’t need to go buy a truck, but at least go to a Ford dealer and take what you’ve heard and look further.

  2. kbrickman on

    I agree that the delivery of this commercial is successful in quickly getting the viewer’s attention. Also, the excellent delivery of the speaker in the commercial establishes credibility. The speakers voice is very strong and compelling, with different tones and pitches, maintaining the viewers interest. The speaker is able to deliver the message quickly, providing the audience with a concise message. Additionally, logos is established when the speaker asks, “how are you going to drive two trucks at once?” thus telling the audience that the logically solution is to buy a Ford truck.

    Kara Brickman

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