Oprah Winfrey’s Commencement Speech

As we all know, the introduction and conclusion are vital to any speech or paper. A well prepared introduction gives the audience the opportunity to view what is being presented and the ways in which it will be presented. The introduction is also the best opportunity for you to establish your ethos with the audience. Whereas the conclusion, ties up all lose ends and reminds the audience of your thesis. Oprah Winfrey made me fully aware of this when she delivered the commencement speech at Stanford University.  Oprah made complete use of her media image and in a very positive and encouraging manner she initiated the social responses in her audiences to be better servants of the society that they are shortly about to shape. Her audience was very attentive, which I perceived to mean that she was actually motivating the Stanford graduates with real life tales and real life instances. By sharing personal stories of her life, and how she got to her current position; Oprah gives the audience a more in-depth view of her life and struggles. Even if Oprah’s story is not true, her delivery was very suggestive. Oprah maintained what Eidenmuller called technical cues for delivery, her pitch, tempo, volume and inflections made her speech more motivating.  Here is the link to the video.



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