Blogs and Social Media

This is the first time I have ever written a blog before.  To be honest I do not generally read blogs either, but over the past couple months I have found myself on blog sites without even realizing it.  The main reason for this is because of our general acceptance for blogs as an appropriate form of information.  Blogs are informative and are helpful in certain circumstances, but we must not rely on them for everything.  The only way information on blogs can be taken seriously is when the information is about the person writing the blog.  Blogs are great for social media.  They are wonderful for finding opinions and links to other blogs and sites with similar views and information.  But one must be careful that they are not using blogs for news or factual information.

Here is a link to an article named How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations and the Way it is Practiced. It is an excellent article and makes one think of the positive and negative aspects of blogs within social media.


Julian D



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