Colbert Report and Daily Show as forms of Public Address

In the world we live in today, more people learn about U.S. and political issues from the John Daily Show and Colbert Report than they actually do from real news programs. I think this might be the case because both of the shows on the comedy network are more able to connect with the audience about world issues.

The messages that both shows deliver vary from day to day but none the less, both are passing their political beliefs when giving the news.  These two shows and speakers do a great job in capturing the audiences attention. They are funny but at the same time deliver a power message. They stay within their time frame of 30 minutes which allows them to keep the audience focused for enough time.

I think their messages can be more important than what we see on the real news. They are able to be critical of certain people and their action and call attention to problems. They offer a solution to the problem and are very critical of the way situations should be handled. With every rhetorical situation they come across they are very good at deliver a message that addresses the problem at hand.

The two shows get very good guest speakers to come in and talk to. Many great politician come on the shows and they are two very highly regarded shows for news.  Colbert and Daily are able to hold highly regarded guest speakers and viewers find it funny to see John Daily and Colbert attack these speakers in a funny fashion. Overall, these shows are great forms of public address and getting important messages to citizens of the U.S.


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  1. jakubowskic on

    Although I don’t watch the Colbert Report regularly, the few times that I have visited Comedy Central I was really pleasantly surprised by what the show has to offer. It presents the news in a comedic and in “layman’s” terms. I actually learned a good deal on what events are currently occurring in the world. I typically try and stay away from news stations not because I’m uninterested, but because the stations themselves don’t necessarily connect with the audience. I am really glad to see how Steven Colbert is able to draw attention to his message by a wide variety of beliefs, opinions, political views of the audience. I think these types of shows really get to the heart of the matter but in a creative and interactive way to engage the audience. It also helps that these men are viewed as “credible” by most of the audience, further allowing for the relationship between the audience and speaker to establish a relationship. This is a good example of public address to the majority of the US population interested in getting a taste of the news with a twist of comedic relief.

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