Pursuit of Happyness – Motivational Speech

Will Smith in the movie Pursuit to Happyness, really exemplifies a great use of public address and motivational speaking. It uses the power brief very well. Each sentence is very powerful. He is addressing his son, who might be young, but he none the less makes it very simple. The simplicity of the message is what makes it great. He knows that he is talking to his son and therefore has limited amount of time before he loses his sons attention. He is able to deliver a powerful message in under a minute.

He draws on his emotions of what has happened in his life and how he is going to change it around now. Will Smith character has gone through a lot of challenges and now he is going to step up and not let anyone tell him he cannot do it. He almost talking to himself. “Don’t let anyone tell you, you cant do something” and “if you got a dream, you got to protect it. “ You want something go get it.” This is life and one needs to go out and accomplish their own dreams. It is brief but effective and changes the whole movie.

It is very motivational to anyone and allows the audience to dream big and accomplish those dreams. The situation of the movie allows for him to establish this rhetorical situation and change his life around. Overall, the speech is very affective and is a very powerful message.


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  1. jakubowskic on

    I saw this movie a few years ago and was left with a great deal of motivation. I think Will Smith’s character really exemplifies the notion that you really can do anything if you put your mind to it. Although challenges may face you, you need to believe in yourself to overcome them and come out stronger than ever. I think this scene in particular is really motivational because it teaching a child to believe in his dreams. Children don’t really have constraints on their dreams as adults generally do, which allows children to really believe that they can be anyone they want and do anything to reach a goal.
    I agree that Will Smith’s character really draws on his experiences to elicit emotions that make the viewer (and his son) truly have faith in what he is saying. He uses many power briefs and power points to exemplify the power of what his message holds. I also agree that this is a rhetorical situation which calls for a plan of action. Overall motivational speeches are definitely considered public address which allow for further speaking opportunities to occur.

  2. flynnquisition on

    This is a fantastic example of Power Brief. His speech is short and sweet, and each sentence is simple and to the point. Also, this is a great example of how one character in a movie can really be speaking directly to the audience, in a way, and not just the character’s son. It reinforces in the audience, not just his son, the idea that you have to believe in yourself and make your dreams happen.

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