A “Blogolution”- evolution of communication

Prior to this assignment I had very little experience with blogs and blogging in general. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was against it, since I actually have written on a few myself, I just never found the passion to express myself in that manner. Ever since middle school I have loved to write poetry, however my desire to keep my private life private, yet somehow share my thoughts and feelings with others seemed like a difficult and almost impossible task- until blogging. I created a blog about 6 months ago compiling my poetry and general thoughts on topics of love, distance, and loss. I soon found it to be a daunting task to keep up with this and so I took a small hiatus. This project reinspired me to continue on with my blog and keep the connection between my private and now (largely) public life open.

Furthermore in terms of blogging in general, I do indeed think blogging is an evolution in communication. It serves as a new ritual form in a world that has lost its personal connection and old forms. It is the next step in continuum of passing down knowledge and experience; where once there was storytelling around the fire or heroic myths that unified whole cultures, we now have blogs to help us create community or find our similar values shared between many. I think blogging can be an innovating center of creative action in the world. Although it ranges in significance, some more trivial matters than others, it offers the possibility at least for individuals to criticize, create, reinforce ideas, and innovate, within an avenue that is unlike those known in the past.  When we blog we’re talking about a way of organizing information, independent of its topic. What we write about does not define us as bloggers; it’s how we write about it  that makes all the difference.  All blogs, although under the same ordered form, create a myriad of ideas all independent and novel from one another. This new evolution of communication ultimately brings shared meanings and insights that will always be a starting place for enrichment and opportunities to address the public.

Here is a great article by an LA writer praising the evolution of blogging in today’s society:



– Catherine Jakubowski


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  1. antonio16brown on

    I’m fairly new to blogging as well, but I’ve realized that blogs are one of the fastest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals. I’ve read prior blogs questioning whether “blogs” can be a mean of communication. Due of the interactive nature and ability for readers to write their reactions and comments, blogs offers a solid platform for writer and readers to interact and develop a mutual understanding of the opinions of the either party. This allows managers in organizations to get a closer look at what their employees feel or for companies to understand what their customers think of their products. Big companies, use blogs to offer a solid interaction forum that can be used by companies to read into their customers’ minds, resulting in a better understanding of customer requirements. Blogs can be used effectively by companies to establish credibility and trust, and provide insight into the company’s “philosophy and personality.” Blogging gives these companies the opportunity to hear their consumers compliments and complaints.

  2. robgentle on

    While I agree that blogging is an evolution in the way we communicate, I am hesitant to declare blogging an unqualified good thing in the way we communicate. While Catherine praises blogging “as a new ritual form in a world that has lost its personal connection and old forms,” it seems to me that the sequencing is backward. The world lost its personal connection because of new technology, whether it was the telephone or the internet. And while I would rather live in a world with the internet than without, looking at the internet purely as a form of communicating and refining ideas, blogging definitely has its downsides for many of the same reasons Catherine praises it.

    While blogging can lead to “shared meanings,” it usually is a shared meaning between like-minded groups of people, who already had similar beliefs. Case-in-point are political blogs. Liberals will read Daily Kos while conservatives will read infowars or any one of Andrew Breitbart’s various blog sites. Far from unifying whole cultures like storytelling in the past, these sites serve as a unifying place for different subcultures. If blogging has the ability to let individuals “criticize, create, reinforce ideas,” in my experience reading between 10-15 blogs daily about a variety of subjects since coming to Denison, people tend to migrate to blogs which will reinforce their own ideas and seek out opposing blogs only to criticize the opposing viewpoint and leave. This democratization of information has led to people receive their information from sources which already conform to their viewpoint.

    Again, I don’t want to come across as opposed to the internet as a form of communication, but only to state that there are downsides to this “evolution of communication.”

    –Rob Gentle

  3. dupublicaddress on

    While I do agree that blogging can be a good thing, the fact that people can write on blogs anonymously definitely seems to have some risks. Sometimes the computer and the anonymity it offers makes people feel as though they can say whatever they want without consequence. Maybe this is true, but some people abuse this fact to write offensive and threatening comments on blogs.

    Blogging does, however, provide an open forum for discussion and allows people to express their own ideas as well as hear the opinions of other people. Like everything in life, there are definitely pros and cons to the use of blogs.

    -Ali Sehringer

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