“Miracle”- Coach Brooks Pre-game Motivational Speech


In the movie “Miracle”, Coach Brooks gives his team a motivational speech before the game. He starts of his speech by stating, “Great moments are born of great opportunities- that is what you have here, this is what you have earned.” Coach Brooks highlights the ethos, by stating the fact that his team earned this opportunity, and how winning was the only option. The manner in which Coach Brooks presented his speech truly made it motivational. As cliché as is sounds, you really do have to “believe”, to give a good motivational speech. You have to feel strongly about the subject if you want others to believe and act too. Whether it is motivating a team to win a championship game or donate blood, you will have much more success with your speech if you speak from the heart. Coach Brooks truly believed his team could beat the opposition, which made his words seem more sincere and heartfelt. According to Eidenmuller, one of the most important elements of leadership is the ability to motivate people. Without motivation, even the most skilled team of seasoned professionals is unlikely to achieve great things. A highly motivated group of talented people, on the other hand, can move mountains. I’ve attached the video



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  1. dupublicaddress on

    I think that this is a great example of how important emotion (ethos) is in a speech, especially a motivational one. So many movies capture how important passion is in the success of a speech yet so many speakers in the real world forget how important this is. One of my favorite parts of the commemorative speech assignment in this class was how people allowed emotion to seep into their speeches, I felt like it really made them much more motivational!

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