Tupac Shakur 1992 Speech

In this speech Tupac Shakur the infamous rapper, poet, and humanitarian is giving a speech in front of a Malcolm X grassroots movement in Atlanta. Mr. Shakur is addressing a specific crowd of present and former Black Panther members and Malcolm X supporters.  Mr. Shakur establishes his credibility as a second generation revolutionary and pays homage to revolutionaries such as Malcolm X and members of the Black Panther.  Further, Shakur explains that there is a revolution that is still going on, that the fight is not over and that there is still oppression facing urban America. Thus, how can you find Mr. Shakur’s language and appearance offensive, without seeing the oppression and acute economic inequalities facing urban America disgusting?  The time is now to speak up and to produce action to create a better distribution of human condition and life.




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  1. cjryan9 on

    I think this brings up another important aspect of rhetoric. In this context of Tupac’s speech, I notice cursing as a major aspect of his tone. Is there something to say about cursing, given the right context and tone, as a positive addition to one’s speech. Cursing undoubtedly grabs the attention of the audience and seems like in an advocacy/boycott type of speech, cursing could be seen as a very effective tool.

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