blogging as dangerous form of rhetorical situation

This is not referencing this blog, I am more aiming this discussion at people who blog about sports, especially those who complain excessively. Blogging in itself is definitely a rhetorical situation, people are trying to get a point across and are using the writing for awareness, commemoration or persuasion (the three speeches we gave). There are also many examples of pathos and logos, because emotion and logic are straightforward enough to impant into blogging, a form of written rhetoric.

However, I argue that a problem can occur with ethos, especially with sports blogs as I mentioned. Many bloggers don’t have credibility, but still attempt to place a false credibility on themselves. A blog or comment on a blog or article can be posted by anyone, regardless of their familiarity with the subject, their expertise on the subject, or in the case of sports, their continued or prior involvement in the sport. This ability to sway other people based only on logos (or more likely just pathos) is easy in blogs, because readers aren’t likely to demand to know if someone is credible. Is someone who posts automatically credible when others believe him based on emotion? Or is there more necessary for ethos in the case of posting on blogs or internet articles?

– Cody Smith


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  1. bfell on

    I think that along with sports blogging, much of the sports discussion presented on networks such as ESPN is also arbitrary, however not to such an extent as in online sports blogs. You make a very valid point in that online sports blogs make it hard to present oneself as a credible source. Thus, everyone must remember that when reading these online sports blogs and while listening to similar sports discussion shows, you must take into account that the information you are reading may be highly opinionated

  2. bfell on

    above comment by brendan fell

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