Blogging as Public Address?

In our increasingly technological society where books are being replaced by Kindle’s and 10 year olds are asking for iPhones and iPads for Christmas, it seems preposterous to argue that blogging is not a viable form of public address. More and more of our lives are now lived increasingly online. We chat with our friends on facebook instead of over coffee and we do our Christmas shopping on Amazon not in crowded shopping malls or charming mom&pop shops. Blogging is now a form of public address, but I’ve started to wonder weather this is a good thing or not.


This semester we’ve learned a lot about delivery, tone, speaking speed and inserting emotion into your voice. We’ve studied persuasive methods like “Burke’s 3 ways of identifying with others” and “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence”. We’ve listened to the powerful words of Mary Fischer and John F. Kennedy and thinking back on these great speeches I’ve really started to question whether the digitization of public address is a good thing.

As public address has moved online I feel like some of the emotion and human element has been stripped from the discipline. Words on a computer screen will never be able to communicate the same level of passion and emotion as well-delivered spoken word. Just like I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my book for a Kindle, I don’t know if speeches will ever be replaced, at least in my mind, by blogs.

I’m curious to hear (or should I say read) other’s thoughts on this. Do y’all also find something laking when the spoken word gets moved online?


-Lauren Waters


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  1. kws221 on

    I agree that there is no replacement to spoken word, and I understand your concern about society’s increased reliance on technology. However, I think that blogging as a form of communication is an effective way for public audiences to engage in various discussions that are beneficial to society; such as this blog about blogs. The way I see it, people are going to continue to use technology and take the easiest, fastest option. Laptops and iPads are going to become much more common, and social media needs to keep up. Therefore, blogging is good because it brings real-world discussions to the internet.

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