Demanding Attention through Obscenity?

The internet can be a powerful tool for communication these days.  With sites like YouTube, anyone can post a video of their opinion on virtually any subject for all the world to see and rate.  With such a constant flood of new videos being uploaded every minute of every day, how can the uploader make sure they’re making a statement? How can they grab the attention of the masses, rather than being lost admidst a vast sea of cats jumping into cardboard cartons?

Well, this video certainly found a way. (I’ve inserted the “bleeped” version, but there is also an uncensored video, which is the version I was originally subjected to.)
Taking a more aggressive voice in opposition to the bullying and unfair treatment of homosexuals, FCK H8 (a play on the NO H8 campaign) uses sheer shock value to get your attention and to make their point.  The campaign’s videos employ small children dropping F-bombs left and right, all in the name of ending gay bashing.  Profanity aside, the videos do deliver information to support their point, but it’s the explicit content that’s really grabbing the attention of internet audiences.  And with such a controversial sort of theme, it’s no surprise that a video like this can reach viral status, with viewers passing the video on to their peers, making sure that FCK H8’s message is heard loud and clear among the masses.

Do I agree with the shock-and-awe format of getting the campaign’s point across? No and yes.  Normally, I’m not exactly for absurd amounts of profanity just for the sake of profanity.  But in this instance, the video’s explicit nature ensures that the FCK H8 program’s message will be heard, and that is something I stand in favor of.

-Courtney Flynn


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