Dual Purpose Public Address


This is the first advertisement Tiger Woods was in after his scandal was publicized. This advertisement served two purposes: It was the first attempt for Tiger Woods to redeem his public image and was an opportunity for Tiger to show remorse. It was also an advertisement for Nike. This raised the question if it was possible for a public address to have two simultaneous rhetorical situations and if both rhetorical situations can be treated and met equally. If it is possible, this commercial did not achieve its objective.

After view the commercial, the only thing I leave with are thoughts about Tiger Woods. The fact that it is a Nike commercial is secondary. While I know I said in a comment that a commercial does not need to overtly promote its product to be effective, this Nike commercial does not even attempt to create a mood or atmosphere where I want to buy Nike products. It seems like commercial is much more focused on Tiger’s activities other than golf.  So I wonder if its possible for a public address to fulfill two purposes at the same time or if, in trying to address two rhetorical situations, both  messages are muddled.  Are there any examples where two rhetorical situations are simultaneously addressed effectively?


–Rob Gentle


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  1. lewingj on

    I think it is possible that an instance of public address can serve two rhetorical situations and I think this very commercial does that. Tiger Woods was so synonymous with Nike as a spokesperson and product endorser that when he was embroiled in scandal, to a certain extent Nike’s image was hurt as well. We saw that some companies dropped Tiger as a spokesperson, but Nike could not really afford to do this as Woods is the company’s single foothold in the golf industry. I think that this commercial is not primarily about selling Nike products but more about making a statement about the company. It is clearly designed to repair Tiger’s image but it also appears to be an attempt to repair Nike’s image and perhaps make a statement about the company’s loyalty or giving people second chances. Often times the best way to promote a product is not to overtly promote it, as you said, but make a statement about broader issues and feelings that can impact the way a consumer views a company.

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