Halftime speech-power brief


This speech (which starts at 33 sec) is during halftime of the state championship game in the movie Friday Night Lights. It has all the hallmarks of a speech, the ethos is that the player is a team leader. Pathos is easy to spot, he’s flooded with emotion, yelling at his teammates, and the logos is inserted when he explains that the players on the other team are no different than the Permian players, so why should Permian be losing so badly. Ivory uses persuasion to tell his teammates that they need to get back out on the field in the second half and play their hearts out.

This is a good example of power brief. In class, we discussed how there are certain situations where power brief work well, but in most situations less is not more. This speech lasted approximately 20 seconds, and in my opinion is one of the best pump up speeches in sports movie history. Ivory makes the most out of the time,effectively showing ethos, pathos and logos and persuading his teammates in a 20 second time period.

Although power brief is only useful in certain situations, I think that this is an example where power brief is essential. Would the speech be as strong if it had lasted any longer? Or would it have lost some of it’s effectiveness?


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  1. cejsmith20 on

    – Cody Smith

  2. cjryan9 on

    I think this video brings up an important aspect of rhetoric. Having seen this movie, I know that this player who makes the speech is known as a very quiet/humble player. He is probably the most talented and toughest player on the team and very much keeps to himself. What makes this speech so effective is how uncharacteristic it was of him. If the same player is talking at halftime of every game, he becomes less and less effective, because people expect it from him.

  3. cjryan9 on


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