Horde? Alliance? Communication?

Online gaming communities, including but not limited to World of Warcraft, allow players to redesign themselves.  By choosing your race, class, and appearance, you can reinvent yourself and the way you will be viewed by others.  You could even create something of an alter ego, giving off an impression of being one type of person, while offline you may be someone entirely different.  This is huge.  Online games offer more ways than ever for someone to become someone new.

Also, what class you choose and how you look affects how other players will view you in the gaming environment.  If you choose to make your character good at healing others, other players will see that and respond differently than they would if you were, say, carrying a huge axe.  Other players may or may not want to cooperate with someone who heads straight into a battle.  They may or may not be more receptive to keeping around someone who will heal every minor ailment.  So, if you’re looking to find other players to interact with (a guild, perhaps) you will need to take these things into consideration.  You must be conscious of what you are saying about yourself to the rest of the gaming community when you choose Horde over Alliance, or when you decide to be a Tauren instead of an Undead.  When you make these decisions, you are communicating to your online peers what sort of gamer you are, and what kind of role you would be willing to play, should they invite you to join them in their quests.

-Courtney Flynn


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