Independence Day – Presidents Speech

For those of you that don’t know this is form the movie independence day. The movie is about an alien invasion on earth a few days before Independence Day. This speech takes place before a massive, worldwide attack on the aliens. And the President is aiming to bring the people together and to give them hope in this dire situation. The language of the speech is very inclusive not us including those that are present and those that are not. He includes those that are far away, and points out that while they are all different and from different places but they have a common enemy, which is one of the best ways to establish goodwill toward your audience. I found this speech to be similar to the things that Eidenmuller commends Barbara Jordan such as the use of dramatic pauses. The speech also uses very strong language to rile the people there.  And while there is no one crying, the speech is very emotional because you can see how scared all these people are, the speaker and his audience, and that as well unites them. He also throws in a little rhyming in the end. All in all a very nice speech.

-Elise Howard


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