“Let’s Shake Hands and Reach Across Those Party Lines…”

Although George W. Bush and Bill Clinton don’t share the same political platform, they successfully created a commercial that would appeal across party differences. Similarly to Mary Fisher’s 1992 Republican National Convention Address calling for action to an HIV/AIDS cure, they established a common goal to raise money for the efforts in Haiti. First, they established ethos by both being Presidents of the United States. Second, they used pathos to tug on our heart strings recalling the disastrous effects of the earthquake in Haiti. Third, they used logic by creating a direct link between you giving money and lives being saved. Bush and Clinton also used a positive, negative, positive or “Oreo” model. They built up the audience by saying how great the U.S. is at providing help to those in need. Followed by the sense of urgency needed for this effort and concluding with donating money could save a great number of lives and thus, success in restoring Haiti. I think this commercial encompasses successful tactics for a good and persuasive advertisement through emotion for helping those in need, providing two important figures, and a common goal to work towards no matter what party affiliation.

Erika Berg


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  1. Siavash on

    This public address is a productive way to persuade American’s to give at a time of need to Haiti. By having two past presidents of the United States, one Democrat and the other a Republican demonstrates a nice bi-partisan public address that connects with members of both parties. However, Clinton and Bush just figure- heads. I mean, let’s measure how much of an impact they have made almost a year later after the tragic natural disaster in Haiti. Is Haiti better off today than it was 2 years ago? Where has the money gone and to whom has it gone to?

    Thus, in conclusion the point is both Presidents demonstrate a nice gesture of goodwill but is it just a halfhearted attempt to strengthen their own legacies through a strategic public address.


  2. bfell on

    I agree with your thoughts on the effectiveness of bringing together two parties to unite for a common cause outside their different beliefs. I think it stresses the significance of the cause in presenting it as more important than their personal differences. Also as media becomes a growing outlet of our society, we see similar appeals on television to the video of Bush and Clinton. Particularly we often see commercials bringing together two famous athletes who rival in their respective sports but are uniting to gain support for a specific cause.

  3. bfell on

    above comment by brendan fell

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