Oprah and Barbara.


Last week, Barbara Walters interviewed the queen of daytime talk-Oprah Winfrey. Both women are at the top of the entertainment and news industries. They also both have done hundreds of interviews over the course of their careers, so to watch an interview between the two of them is a great example of beautiful rhetoric. Both women are able to answer any questions with poise and elegance. What is interesting about this interview is the depth of personal information that Barbara is able to reach to with Oprah. Oprah becomes very emotional during the interview when discussing her longtime friend Gayle.  The emotional response from Oprah, I believe, adds to her credibility. By showing her ‘tender side, the audience is able to connect with Oprah because we all have someone we care strongly about as well. In addition, I believe that Oprah’s emotion adds to the ethos of Barbara. By being able to evoke such emotions from Oprah it means that Barbara is able to make her interviewees comfortable. If you have a free hour, I would recommend checking out a little bit of the interview.


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  1. dupublicaddress on

    author: Caroline Cogan

  2. sarahtheobald on

    I caught some of this interview as well Caroline and it amazes me how poised and professional these women are. Their entire lives have turned into a podium for addressing the public. They are constantly on point for an appropriate comment or bringing to light issues and stories that they feel are important to their viewers.
    I also agree that Oprah’s ability to show emotion adds ethos to the interview. Often in her show, she is not afraid to show tears if she is really touched by a story. Her audience can relate to this as well and are probably at home on their couches feeling emotional as well.
    ~ Sarah Theobald

  3. flynnquisition on

    Upon reading this (before watching it), I was afraid that an interview between two people who make it their life’s work to interview people would be very scripted-sounding or very robotic, but this was completely opposite of that. Both parties are very professional and well-spoken, and the way Oprah emotes just makes the whole interview seem to personal and so sincere. They both seem very believable and honest, which resonates with the audience.

  4. jswanson89 on

    I want to start by saying that I totally agree that these women are strong and powerful, and it amazes me how they have been able to keep themselves out of the scandals and away from the negative spotlight. That alone speaks to their credibility. What I think is better than evoking genuine emotion is her ability to touch on all sides of persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos. Barbara being an experienced interviewer knows how to ask the right questions to get the right answers. It is a great example of how we practicing public address and persuasion techniques really shows in these interviews.

    -Jason Swanson

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