The King’s Speech

Recently I heard about a new movie titled “The King’s Speech” that came out at the end of November. After getting great reviews I went to see the movie and, after seeing it, I recommend that everyone who has taken public address should go see the movie if given the chance as it features the difficulties of a King with public speaking and the techniques he employs to solve them. The movie, inspired by a true story, focuses on the ascension of King George VI to the throne following his brothers abdication. Plagued by a stutter and fear of public speaking, George VI was considered by many not to be fit for King. With his country on the verge of the Second World War, King George VI enlists the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue and through the employment of a number of unconventional techniques, the King is able to overcome his fear of public speaking and valiantly lead his country through the war. This movie is both entertaining and pertinent to many aspects of public address that we discussed in class. I recommend that everyone go see it for an enjoyable time and also as a culmination to our public address class. The following is a link to “The King’s Speech” trailer on youtube.

Brendan Fell


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